The renowned International Culinary Center (ICC) in New York and the Olive Oil Times Education Lab will present the first Olive Oil Sommelier Certification Level 1 Course October 8-10 on the ICC’s SoHo campus.

The groundbreaking program on olive oil sensory analysis will be taught by leading experts from around the world, including the Monell Chemical Senses Center president Gary Beauchamp, Albert Einstein College of Medicine nutritionist Keith Ayoob, Del Posto executive chef Mark Ladner, NYIOOC panel member and oleologist Nicholas Coleman, Chilean taste panel leader Carola Dummer Medina, noted New York merchant Steven Jenkins, NYIOOC president Curtis Cord and award-winning producer and taste panel member Pablo Voitzuk.

“The Olive Oil Sommelier Certification Program will bring the world’s foremost olive oil experts and educators to New York and the International Culinary Center in a comprehensive series of courses spanning production, quality management and advanced sensory assessment,” said Cord, the program’s director. “There has never been a greater need to foster a deeper understanding of this important food among tomorrow’s culinary leaders, and there is no better place to reach them than the International Culinary Center.”

“The International Culinary Center has always been at the forefront of culinary innovation, and we’re proud to launch the first Olive Oil Sommelier Program,” said Dorothy Cann Hamilton, the school’s founder. “We are excited to team up with the Olive Oil Times Education Lab to introduce a never-before-seen, innovative program to our current and future students.”

Advanced level courses will continue quarterly. Those who successfully complete the three-level course will earn the program’s Olive Oil Sommelier Certification.

Extra virgin olive oil is the unrefined juice from olives which has been part of the cultural heritage around the world for thousands of years. Like wine, olive oil reflects its terroir and exhibits complex taste characteristics depending on the olive varieties used and countless other variables in cultivation and processing.

Extra virgin olive oil is coveted for proven health benefits and its ability to enhance the tastes of foods. Chefs and discerning consumers around the world are learning to harness the endless possibilities and there is a growing demand for high-quality olive oils and those who can identify them at an expert level.

More than 100 olive oils from 25 countries will be tasted and analyzed during the Level 1 course, Cord said, drawn from the huge library of entries from the New York International Olive Oil Competition to demonstrate certain qualities and sensory characteristics.

More information and program registration is available on the International Culinary Center website.

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