KL 37/21*

KL 37/21*
37o17’07.00”N / 21o56’00.00”E
is located in KALAMATA -MESSINIA, which is synonymous, to olive oil and olive production in Greece.

A place of tradition and expertise in making really good olive oil.

KL 37/21* was established taking in mind the main plot’s spot cardinals which are situated in Konstantini, a village in the northern part of Messinia, a place well known for the high quality of extra virgin olive oil production.
 Our main olive farm, owned by the family since the late 1800s and dedicated to olive oil production, is the starter point of our new adventure in the food and, more specifically, in the olive oil production.
A place where the particular environmental and microclimatic conditions combined with knowledge, create the ideal conditions for the growth, cultivation and development of olive trees.

This is what we do and we do it efficiently. We produce extra virgin olive oil according the best agricultural practice. We ensure, complete monitoring of the production chain and traceability of products at all stages of the production process, under the care and direct responsibility of Kostas Liris. We take care of every single stage of the production from the field, to the mill, to the bowling, to the warehouse to the target customer. Our long experience in the fields, in laboratory practice and customer care, ensure that every single bottle is carefully checked in order to provide consumers with pure and excellent quality extra virgin olive oil. So, this is what we do and we do it well.


There is a qr-code on every single bottle, which directs you to our internal quality control data, so you can see before buying, all the chemical and organoleptic characteristics of your KL32/27* extra virgin olive oil

Enjoy it!

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