A Climate Neutral

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


What does this mean? 

Climate change is one of the most important problems that our planet faces, and it is owed to the release of greenhouse gases, in greater quantities than in the past.

Since  it is not possible to create a product, even the olive oil, without releasing carbon dioxide emissions, we, at IRIS,  decided firstly, to learn how much these emissions are. Calculations were made therefore from the specialized advisors Global Challenges and Climate Partner, in order to estimate what is called internationally “Carbon Footprint ” of a product. Thus we now know that from the production of one litre of “kl37/21*”
extra virgin olive oil (from olive grove cultivation, olive oil production, bottling and delivery to the final consumer) approximately 1500 gr of carbon dioxide are emitted.

Is that all?

Of course not ! After we learned about the unavoidable impact of our product to the climate of our planet, we decided to apply a strategy for the reduction of theses emissions in feasible ways in order to impact  less and less the environment.

IRIS, being a responsible  stakeholder has developed processes (integrated agriculture, traceability of products, quality system etc) which  ensure that in the future   production process will become always friendlier to the environment.

Till that happens, IRIS , will VOLUNTARILY compensate the amount of emissions that correspond to the production of “kl37/21*” , according to the calculation of the carbon footprint. In this way offer you a  CLIMATE NEUTRAL EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.

This financial support of the offsetting will be given for the development  of certified projects that help the  protection of the climate according to Paris Agreement. You can learn more about that by linking to http://fpm.climatepartner.com/tracking/53031-1707-1001?lblID=

For IRIS  it is important that  the EVOO consumers  know that they buy a product which  apart from his incomparable quality, contributes also in the protection of climate .