Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our olive oil, produced exclusively from the Koroneiki variety-well known for the high contents of oleocanthal, the best kept secret in the food business for years – is now available to our customers.
 The low acidity combined with the high quality and gentle taste of organoleptic characteristics, provide the consumer with the ideal extra virgin olive oil for the every day home needs.
 The high level of oleocanthal, natural in the Koroneiki variety, makes it a heart friendly extra virgin olive oil, ideal for a healthy lifestyle.
 The fine organoleptic characteristics also make it ideal for crude consumption in fresh salads and fish without this excluding its use as single condiment over a freshly cooked red stake. We invite you to taste the difference of our unique and precious extra virgin KL 37/21* olive oil.

The quality control system

Our long experience in food production and food chain has taught us that the best policy is transparency during the production of our olive oil. We personally inspect every single stage in order to be sure about the final result. Every single batch of olive oil is inspected and fully documented in order to ensure that our costumer will receive a safe, high quality end product. Every single batch of extra virgin olive oil is controlled and we provide all the possible chemical and organoleptic analysis to our customer via the quality control system combined with the lot number and the traceability system. We provide a comprehensive chemical analysis, residual analysis and most important, an organοleptic analysis signed by an international olive oil tester.

Your olive oil analysis

Dear customer, we are glad to provide you with all the possible documentation to ensure that you have chosen the best possible extra virgin olive oil. Please enter the lot number of your KL37/21* OLIVE OIL and press enter.

Product Data

500 ml

Unit Art. No :
Barcode EAN 5205541001089
Volume 500 ml
Dimensions/cm 6,5(d) X 31,5(h)
Weight gross/Kg 0,990
Carton box
Barcode ITF 15205541001086
Units / carton 6
Dimensions/cm 22(l) X 14,5(d) X 33(h)
Weight gross/Kg 6,2
Total units 780
Layers : 5
Cartons / layer 26
Total cartons 130
Weight gross/Kg 826
Height/m 1,77
Expiration: 18 months
Acidity = 0,2% < lim. 0,8%
Peroxide value < 12 < lim. 20 mEq
K 232 < 2,00 < lim. 2,50
K 270 < 0,15 < lim. 0,22
DK < 0,005 < lim. 0,01
Waxes < 150 < lim. 250
Nutrition Value / 100 gr
Energie (Kcal) / (Kj) 900/3700
Protéines (g)
Glucides (g)
Lipides (g) 100
Saturés (g) 14
Mono-insaturés (g) 77
Polyinsaturés (g) 9
Trans (g)
Cholestérol (mg)
Sodium (mg)
100% high quality Greek extra virgin
olive oil PGI LAKONIA with
characteristic aroma and taste.